What Is SCrApps?

The word SCrApps is sort of a quasi-anagram-abbreviation. The S and the Cr come from the first letters of my first and last name, and is the first part of the username Iíve used for email and in forums since the year 2000. Apps, obviously, is short for applications. Taken as a whole, the word is similar to ďscraps,Ē which are small amounts of something thatís left over from a larger whole. I like to think that SCrApps represents both the apps, themes, and other technologic products I create, market, or distribute, and that each product contains a small bit of myself.

SCrApps was originally a side project I created about a week into my first year of law school in the back room of my apartment. The goal then was just to create some inexpensive and a couple free themes for BlackBerry phones that people would really like, and maybe to earn enough money to buy myself the occasional $5 footlong from Subway. Since then Iíve moved my operations to the front room, making full use of the couch and a small table I salvaged from a garage sale. Iíve expanded beyond just BlackBerry themes, into BlackBerry apps and some preliminary Android development, as well as a bit of computer and web programming. The original goal of making enough to buy the occasional $5 footlong hasnít changed.

SCrApps is and will remain a commercial venture, although the price point for my products will continue to be low and many products will be either free or donationware. The work Iíve done with SCrApps has helped me immensely in a community driven income-free side project I helped found and am closely associated with, OpenSourceBB. Head over to www.OpenSourceBB.com for more information on what thatís all about.

Just as it was when it started, SCrApps is a one person team (thereís nowhere near the income to hire a second employee or a customer service employee). Despite being a full time law student and preparing for the arrival of my second child (who will conveniently be born right in the middle of finals), I strive to answer any support requests with 24 hours. If you have any questions about any app, theme, or anything else Iíve made, just shoot me an email at Support@SCrApps.org.